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Bakko ( (ばっ) () , Bakko) is a tiger owned by Defense Force Third Division Captain Mina Ashiro.[1]


Bakko is a big adult tiger with grey fur and blue eyes.


Bakko seems to be rather calm and totally obedient to his owner Mina.[1]


The Man Who Became a Kaiju Arc[]

Alongside Mina and other Corps members, Bakko appeared to save Kafka Hibino and Leno Ichikawa from a kaiju. He was then present at Mina's apartment when a new humanoid kaiju, the future Kaiju No. 8, appeared.[1]

Raid on Tachikawa Base Arc[]

Mina and Bakko, after Mina's apparent departure from Tachikawa Base, came back to defend it against a Kaiju No. 10, who attacked it with a horde of kaiju.[2]

Powers & Abilities[]

Overall Abilities: Always present at Mina's side, even in battle, Bakko is inferred to be strong enough to take on and possibly eliminate kaiju. [2]

  • Enhanced Strength: Bakko is strong enough to balance Mina Ashiro with his own body when she uses her cannon, easily withstanding its powerful recoil.[2]
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Bakko's reflexes are fast enough to evade attacks from Kaiju No. 10.[2]


  • Bakko is the first animal introduced in the series.
  • Bakko's name contains the kanji for "attack" (伐) and "tiger" (虎), literally meaning "Attack Tiger".[2]