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Chapter Nineteen is the 19th chapter of the Kaiju No. 8 manga series.


Shortly before Kafka comes to rescue Iharu and Leno. Kafka tells Kikoru of this but she is against it, however, she changes her mind once Kafka tells her of how grave he thinks the situation is and leaves the current area they are in for her to handle. Not long later, Kikoru gets informed that platoon Ikaruga has spotted a humanoid monster, which immediately tells Kikoru that Kafka had been found. On Kafka’s side of things, the defense force’s interrupted had allowed Kaiju No. 9 to find an opening, which he thanks Kafka for. Before escaping, he vows to kill Kafka the next time they meet. Trying to prevent his escape, Kafka approaches kaiju and ignores the defense force members, but he quickly gets shot. With this damage dealt, the kaiju leaves.

Kafka himself manages to escape and thinks he’s safe once he is in a quiet alley. Turns out Soshiro finds him and pulls out his blades before contacting the other troop members of finding kaiju no. 8. Before he can react, Soshiro attacks Kafka. His strikes don’t do much, but they are many and they come quick, so Kafka isn’t able to do much against them. During a short break between the attacks, Kafka remembers Soshiro explaining that he’s used to fighting smaller monsters like him and realizes that he wasn’t bluffing. As Soshiro starts his 92% released force, Kafka realizes that he isn’t the same energetic person with his co-workers and when he is fighting monsters.

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