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Chapter Twenty-Four is the 24th chapter of the Kaiju No. 8 manga series.


Soshiro is reflecting on kaiju No. 8 and No. 9, who both had human features and wonders about what was happening with kaijus. On Kafka’s side of things, he is eager to sharpen his training in order to meet Soshiro’s expectations. However, as he heads back to the dorms, a shower of meteors covers the whole city and wakes up the defense force members. In the panic, Soshiro demands Konomi of the situation’s whereabouts. She speculates that kaijus have infiltrated the area and that they are all base monster leveled. Her estimation is proven to be right when one monster fires a cannon-like attack from its mouth.

At this, Soshiro orders all the night guards to be on duty and speculates that the kaijus’ objectives may be the base as he received no reports of the base being damaged. Not far away, Kafka recognizes the base being surrounded by flames and is able to identify a pterosaur-type kaiju. Kafka contacts Soshiro about all the kaijus being solitary and their numbers. With this information, Soshiro is convinced that a powerful leader is behind the attack, as another humanoid kaiju appears in front of him. Soshiro then alerts Kafka to call him back as he wishes to deal with the incoming kaiju.

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