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Chapter Twenty-Five is the 25th chapter of the Kaiju No. 8 manga series.


Soshiro Hoshina spots Kaiju No. 10 and immediately recognizes him as the attacking kaiju’s leader. He quickly surprises Soshiro by asking about the strongest person he could fight. Soshiro concludes that he would have to fight him as Mina, the commander, wasn’t there. The humanoid kaiju then decides on his “prey” and releases a powerful force from his palm, Soshiro is barely able to dodge it. At this Okonogi has finalized the process of deciding the monster’s class and determines it to be a mega monster. Upon learning this, Soshiro contacts Ikaruga and orders him to take command of handling the after-beasts.

As the Vice Captain calls Ikaruga, Kaiju No. 10 takes this time to attack Soshiro. However, he is easily able to dodge it and vows to kill the kaiju. Shortly after, Soshiro notices the after-beasts starting to respond and confirms his thoughts that they had been targeting the base. Soshiro avoids another attack from the kaiju and tells himself to make sure to keep avoiding them as getting hit by one could be fatal. As he tries to slash through the kaiju’s skin, he deems it even harder than No. 8’s.

On the east side of the base, Ikaruga is shown to have followed Soshiro’s orders and commands his officers to fire, but they do not leave a single scratch. On his own, Kafka hurries up to put on his suit and this is the time Leno calls him. On their side of things, Haruichi and Aoi leap into the attack. Haruichi’s released force is revealed to be 36% but doesn’t have enough time to fire before another kaiju shows up next to him. Seeing the two kaijus attacking, Haruichi is alarmed at how they are cooperating. To ease her co-workers’ worry, Kikoru breaks through the kaijus with an enormous ax.

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