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Chapter Twenty-Six is the 26th chapter of the Kaiju No. 8 manga series.


Sometime before the kaiju raid, Mina and Soshiro informed Kikoru that she would be getting her own personalized weapon due to the abnormal amount of strong kaijus that year. On the battlefield using that weapon, Kikoru’s only problem has with the ax is that it feels too brutal for her. Despite this, she is still able to demonstrate more of her abilities with the weapon’s function to send a shockwave forward to the enemy once hitting it. Watching her attack the kaiju with another attack, Leno scoffs at how the weapon perfectly fit Kikoru because of her brutal and destructive force.

As Kikoru is about to attack again, a gelation bullet prevents her from doing so and Leno alerts her not to let her guard down. Leno is about to shoot the kaiju but Kikoru manages another attack. At this, Kikoru allows Leno to be her support. Not far away, Ikaruga tells his troop members that Kikoru’s squad is in charge of disrupting the kaijus’ coordination. Being informed of this, Soshiro is proud of his junior but his thoughts are quickly interrupted when he has to continue fighting Kaiju No. 10. As he continues to dodge attacks, Soshiro realizes that the kaiju enjoys battle. After a short while of dodging more blows, Soshiro the kaiju considers Soshiro lucky to be able to have lived for so long despite going up against him.

After almost getting hit, Soshiro apologizes to Okonogi for taking so long to get prepared and starts his 92% released force.

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