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Chapter Twenty-Eight is the 28th chapter of the Kaiju No. 8 manga series.


Although he does not know of Soshiro Hoshina’s exact whereabouts, Kafka can still sense that he is in trouble. In fact, he is correct as the kaiju Soshiro is facing, the Kaiju No. 10 is regenerating into a larger specimen after having been sliced multiple times. As this happens, Soshiro is glad that he brought an ultra-high temperature steam capsule. Despite this, the kaiju is still not damaged, which makes Okonogi conclude that he has a resilience of 9.0. Although he seems to be losing, Soshiro continues to dodge the kaiju’s attacks, now stronger than ever and manages to climb onto him.

Referring back to his hatred of fighting larger kaijus, Soshiro speculates that his blades would never go through all the way. As he is about to attack, Soshiro’s suit reaches its limit because of overheating, which makes him realize that his life could be in further danger if he continues to use his suit in the same conditions. With this, Soshiro decides that he would simply have to finish the kaiju off in a minute. However, Soshiro’s troubles deepen when he spots after-beasts as well and the kaiju self-destructs. Additionally, as Soshiro is about to attack from behind, huge eyes sprout from behind the enormous kaiju and it throws a powerful punch.

At this, Okonogi loses hope, especially when seeing Soshiro to the ground, seemingly defeated.

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