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Chapter Twenty-Nine is the 29th chapter of the Kaiju No. 8 manga series.


The chapter begins with a flashback of Soshiro Hoshina’s past, where he was highly discouraged to give up on his dreams to join the defense force because of his style of combat. Back to the present, Okonogi screams for Soshiro’s name, desperate for signs of life. As he is, Soshiro is energetic about things nevertheless and assures her he’s still alive. Soshiro struggles to stand up and is informed of the citizen having been evacuated and he vows to carry out his duty to the end. Despite his efforts, Kaiju No. 10 only mocks Soshiro for even trying as he doesn’t believe his weak swords can do anything. Although Soshiro does not answer, internally, he knows that his swords aren’t so much useful as bigger weapons as he had been told that his entire life.

In another flashback, his father and a former co-worker of his both tell him to unenroll the defense force. This is the reason why he had been so inspired by Mina Ashiro since she didn’t dismiss his strength simply because he practiced sword fighting and instead wanted his power by her side since could easily make paths for her when she was to shoot enemies. Once more back to the present, Soshiro continues to fight recklessly and uses nearly all his six forms in the process. Despite his best efforts, he is still easily caught by the kaiju.

On Kafka’s side of things, he rushes to aid Soshiro. Although he remembers Leno Ichikawa telling him not to transform again, Kafka apologizes to him and does so anyway. Leno is highly against this but even before Kafka can join the fight, Soshiro simply laughs and turns off an explosion as he claims he had only been making way for Mina to fire (as she told him to do so in the past) the kaiju. With a 96% released force, Mina arrives with her tiger, Bakko, and cannon ready.

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