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Chapter Thirty-Two is the 32nd chapter of the Kaiju No. 8 manga series.


Stunned by the revelation that Kafka Hibino is in fact Kaiju No. 8, Soshiro Hoshina and Mina Ashiro watch as Kafka charges his body, and uses all of his strength to launch himself towards the after-beast bomb in the air. The resulting force shatters the ground around Kafka, knocking Hoshina and Kikoru Shinomiya to the ground.

Once close enough to the After-Beast Bomb, Kafka unleashes a punch so strong, it fractures the bone-like mask on his face, and is implied to have shattered the bones all through his arms and legs from the force released.

Kafka's attack proved effective enough to move the bomb farther from the ground, and gave the defense force on the ground enough time to fully activate their shields. Despite the damaged state of his body, Kafka's Kaiju No. 8 form is able to take the force of the explosion from the ground without flinching.

After recovering from the explosion, Mina approaches Kafka, and informs him, that they will be taking him, Kaiju No. 8, into custody.

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