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Haruichi Izumo ( (いず) () ハルイチ, Izumo Haruichi) is a wealthy young man and a prominent member of the Third Division of the Defense Force.[3] After the destruction of Tachikawa Base,[4] he was transferred to the Second Division.[1] Haruichi is also the scion of Izumo Tech.[5]


Haruichi is a tall young man with medium-length blue hair and thin eyebrows. He has big eyes and usually sports a relaxed expression on his face.[3]

On duty he wears the usual Defense Force uniform, as well as its combat suit when fighting.[6]


Haruichi is usually a relaxed boy, with a observant and cunning personality.[3] Due to this, Haruichi tends to be more level-headed than his peers and prefers to watch the others be rowdy from the sidelines, rather than being mixed in the chaos himself.[2]

He always measures himself with those who do better than him and does whatever he can to surpass them, bringing this to a secret one-sided rivalry with Kikoru Shinomiya[4] and an open rivalry with Aoi Kaguragi.[7]


Haruichi graduated valedictorian from Tokyo Neutralization University.[3]


Secondary Selection Exam Arc[]

Haruichi took on the second-stage exam for the Defense Force. He finished second in the fitness test, but kept his eyes on Kikoru Shinomiya, wondering how he would fare against her.[3]

For the aptitude test, he managed to draw 18% from the Defense Force Suit,[6] however during the test he was unable to keep up with Kikoru.[8] After the end of the exam and the subsequent accident, he and the other examinees were brought to security.[9] Days later he was officially made a member of the Defense Force.[10]

Sagamihara Subjugation Operation Arc[]

Two months after he and the others had the shooting training and Haruichi improved his power. That night he and the other boys were in the bathroom talking about their reasons to enter the Defense Force. When he and the others heard that Kafka Hibino had a history with Captain Mina Ashiro they talked about it so much that they overheated and fainted. That night a kaiju appeared and their first mission started.[7] He and Aoi quickly demonstrated their incredible fighting ability to their platoon leader Nakanoshima.[11] Then he and Aoi got ready to defeat all the Yoju after the Honju's death.[12]

When Leno and Iharu got back from the hospital Haruichi organized a party to celebrate everyone's first mission. During the party, he and the other Corps members started discussing the mission. As they were all discussing the mission he watched as Soshiro announced Kafka's promotion to Corps member of the Third Division of the Defense Force.[5]

Raid on Tachikawa Base Arc[]

During the raid, Izumo, Aoi, and Ikaruga fought the Wyvern-type kaiju under Kafka's instructions. As he and Aoi were about to kill a kaiju, another one attacked Izumo before he was saved by Kikoru's surprise ax attack.[13] He later witnessed as Kafka Hibino transformed into Kaiju No. 8 to save everyone from a Yoju-bomb.[14]

Kaiju No. 8 Captured Arc[]

After Kafka was taken into custody,[15] Haruichi and the others were asked to transfer to another division since Tachikawa Base was mostly taken down during the attack. Watching the others accept, Haruichi followed them, hoping to surpass Kikoru.[4]

At some point, Haruichi and Aoi were transferred to the Second Division.[1]

Kaiju Weapon Arc[]

After Director General Isao Shinomiya's death at the hands of Kaiju No. 9, Haruichi and Aoi payed homage to him with the rest of their division.[1]

Compatible User Arc[]

Months later, Haruichi and Aoi found out Leno became the first compatible person in history with Kaiju No. 6's weapon.[16]

Power & Abilities[]

Overall Abilities: Haruichi is a promising Defense Force member and is very skilled in academics being a valedictorian graduated from Tokyo Neutralization University.[6][3]

  • Release Force: Haruichi initially is able to release 18% of his combat suit's power. During Kaiju No. 10's raid on Tachikawa Base, his overall fighting prowess greatly improved, now able to release 36%.[13]


  • Combat Suit: Haruichi wears the regular combat suit on duty.[6]
  • Respirator Mask: Haruichi wears a respirator mask.[6]
  • Rifle: Haruichi wields a rifle on the battlefield.[6]


  • Haruichi's surname Izumo means "exit, leave, go out, come out, put out, protrude" (出) (izu) and "cloud" (雲) (mo).


  • Haruichi's family owns Izumo Tech, the largest anti-kaiju weapon maker company in the country. Their wealth is even superior to that of Kikoru's family.[5]
  • Haruichi joined the Defense Force for family reasons.[7]
  • Haruichi likes DIY, camping alone, classical music and sugary snacks (which he wasn't allowed to eat during childhood).[2]



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