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"Good job holding things down, everyone. Okonogi, abridging request due to emergency. I'm blasting this thing away."
— Mina thanking the Third Division before facing Kaiju No. 10

Mina Ashiro ( () (しろ) ミナ, Ashiro Mina) is the Captain of the Third Division of the Defense Force and Kafka Hibino's childhood friend.[1]


Mina is a beautiful young woman with long dark hair styled into a ponytail and decorated with a barrette, sharp orange eyes, and an athletic physique.[1] Under her uniform, she has a little scar on the left side of her upper chest.[3]

Some years ago she sported a bob cut.[4]

Mina usually wears the Defense Force suit, along with a white visor that enables her to increase her vision. In battle, she usually wields firearms and her personal cannon.[5]



Mina is a serious and determined woman, taking her work and role in the Defense Force very seriously. She holds the promise made years ago to defeat every kaiju to the point that she dedicates all of herself to kaiju fighting. Despite her professional behavior, she remembers Kafka's promise to stand at her side and seem to have a soft spot for him, despite initially being irritated by him for not keeping his promise.

Under her tough exterior, Mina shows her authentic self as a caring person. She does her best to make sure nobody gets injured in a fight and tries her best to keep them safe. She has also shown to be very grateful, praising people for their help whenever possible and needed, and being able to acknowledge someone's worth.

Power & Abilities[]

Overall Abilities: Mina is the Captain of the Third Division of the Defense Force and a very powerful combatant. She has neutralized hundreds of kaiju in her career[1] and has displayed the power to easily overpower giant-sized kaiju with few shots.[6]

  • Master Marksman: Mina is an extremely skilled marksman, as shown when she easily defeated a large kaiju with her long-ranged cannon.[6] When working in tandem with her tiger Bakko to stabilize her, Mina's accuracy allows her to precisely hit specific parts of a kaiju's body.[7] Mina's marksmanship skills surpasses the skill level of the Captain of the First Division, Gen Narumi.[8]
  • Enhanced Strength: Mina possesses incredible physical strength, as shown when she easily carries around her large cannon in combat with dexterity.[7]
  • High Release Force: As a captain, Mina's released force is extremely high. She is capable of releasing 96% of her combat suit's power.[6]
  • Leadership Skills: As the captain of the Third Division, Mina has shown excellent leadership skills.[1]


  • Combat Suit: Mina wears a standard Defense Force combat suit on the battlefield.[1]
  • Respirator Mask: Like many other officers, Mina carries a respirator mask in battle with her.[1]
  • Rifle: When not using her cannon, Mina wields a rifle in the battlefield.[1]
  • Handgun: Mina also carries a handgun on her side.[9]
  • Visor: When using her cannon, Mina wears a visor that amplifies her vision and helps her analyze her targets from a distance.[6]
  • Cannon: Marked T-25101985 and provided by Izumo Tech, Mina's cannon in conjunction with her high force released with firearms is a powerful weapon able to tear through and seriously damage massive daikaiju-level kaiju with few rounds.[6] Unfortunately, she can only carry with her a finite number of ammo, requiring Mina to order subsequent batches of artillery shell-filled magazines brought to her.


  • Mina's surname Ashiro means "second, Asia" (亜, a) and "white" (白, shiro).


  • Mina likes sweet food, baths and has liked dried cuttlefish ever since she was young.[2][10]
  • Mina likes cats and any kind of feline.[2]
    • When Mina was in elementary school, she was the caretaker of animals.[10]
    • Mina owns a grey tiger named Bakko, which she brings with her to fight kaiju.[1]
  • According to Matsumoto, the combat suit used by the Defense Force was originally designed to suit Mina.[2]



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