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The Raid on Tachikawa Base Arc is the fourth story arc in the Kaiju No. 8 series.


Key Events[]

  • Dozens of wyvern-type kaiju, lead by Kaiju No. 10, attack Tachikawa Base.
  • During the raid, Kaiju No. 10 engages in combat with Soshiro Hoshina, while the other Defense Force members hold the other kaiju back.
  • Kikoru Shinomiya is given a battle-ax from Mina and Soshiro, to make her a pillar of the Defense Force.
  • The off-duty senior Defense Force members arrive to help protect the base.
  • The Kaiju No. 10 grows gigantic and knocks out Soshiro with one punch.
  • Mina Ashiro comes back to Tachikawa Base to aid her comrades and, helped by Soshiro and Kikoru, she is able to shoot the kaiju in the core.
  • After the kaiju is defeated, a massive bomb made out of the wyvern yoju appeared in the sky, threatening to destroy the base.
  • Kafka rushes towards the bomb at great speeds and transforms into Kaiju #8 in front of everyone.

Characters Introduced[]



Raid on Tachikawa Base Arc