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The Sagamihara Subjucation Operation Arc is the third story arc in the Kaiju No. 8 series.


Key Events[]

  • The newbies take part in their first mission: taking down a FUngal-type kaiju.
    • During the mission Kafka is able to be useful by locating the core of the Yoju
      • Kafka gets to witness first hand Mina and Soshiro's might.
    • Leno and Iharu come across the Humanoid Kaiju, who engages in combat with them.
      • After injuring them both, he and Kafka (as Kaiju No. 8) have a brief fight before the humanoid kaiju disappears again.
    • While running away Kaiju #8 comes across Soshiro and, after a brief bout, is able to run away.
  • After the mission all the members of the Defense Force have a party and Soshiro announces Kafka's promotion as a de facto Corps member.
  • Due to the Defense Force looking for him, the Humanoid Kaiju kills a man and steals his identity.
  • Kafka and Mina have a private meeting where it's revealed that it was Soshiro's idea to promote him.
    • Due to both Kaiju #8 and #9, Mina is forced to move to the Main Office of the Defense Force and leaves everything to Soshiro.
  • While Kafka and Soshiro are talking, another Humanoid Kaiju orders an immediate attack on Tachikawa Base.

Characters Introduced[]



Sagamihara Subjugation Operation Arc