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"You're as good as neutralized."
— Soshiro to Kaiju No. 8

Soshiro Hoshina ( () (しな) (ソウ) () (ロウ) , Hoshina Sōshirō)[3] is the Vice-Captain of the Third Division of the Defense Force.[4]


Soshiro is a young man of average height with a skinny muscular build and dark violet short hair in a bob cut style. His red eyes are closed most of the time and he always has a jovial expression on his face,[3] except when serious scenarios made him display an imposing expression with his eyes opened.[5]

When on-duty, Soshiro wears the usual Defense Force uniform.[4] His combat suit is the average combat suit used by Defense Force.[5]



Soshiro is rather laid-back, always having a smile on his face. He seems to enjoy making fun of Kafka Hibino considering him a comic relief.[3] However, he does have some serious moments when he speaks firmly and even open his eyes to emphasize the seriousness of his words.[6]

Soshiro has a great, yet hidden, sense of membership towards the Defense Force, and feels very thankful towards Mina for letting him into her division. His sense of loyalty to his role in the force is so strong that he deep down sees it as his only reason to live.[2]

Despite Soshiro's relaxed and lazy appearance, he is very intelligent and intuitive. He was the only one who correctly deduced Kafka Hibino's identity as Kaiju No. 8 and one of the main reasons he accepted him in the Third Division despite failing the exam was to keep an eye on him.[6]

Power & Abilities[]

Overall Abilities: Soshiro is the Vice-Captain of the Third Division of the Defense Force and a very powerful combatant. His combat abilities allowed him to fight on par with Kaiju No. 10.[7][8][9]

While his skill set puts him at a disadvantage against large-sized kaiju, Soshiro's proficiency in defeating small to mid-sized kaiju surpasses that of the Captain of the First Division, Gen Narumi, in the Miniature-Sized Kaiju Combat Category of the Defense Force Neutralization Exercises.[10]

  • Master Swordsman: Soshiro is an extremely skilled swordsman who hails from a family of kaiju slayers dating back to the Muromachi period. Using his custom-made dual blades, he can quickly cut down his opponents with extreme speed and precision.[11] According to his father, Soshiro would’ve been considered a prodigy in the Edo period due to his excellent proficiency in swordsmanship.[2]
  • Immense Speed and Reflexes: Soshiro is extremely fast and has extraordinary reflexes. He is shown killing a kaiju without any noticeable movement.[11] Even Kafka in his kaiju form is surprised by how fast he moves and states that his speed is on a whole other level when compared to Kikoru Shinomiya.[12] He is also capable of dodging incredibly fast attacks from Kaiju No. 10 at point-blank range.[7]
  • Enhanced Durability: Soshiro is an incredibly durable combatant, as shown when he emerges completely unscathed after Kaiju No. 10 sends him flying through a building.[8]
  • Enhanced Endurance: Soshiro possesses incredible levels of physical endurance. Despite being heavily injured after taking a powerful punch from Kaiju No. 10, he is able to continue fighting even after his suit overheats.[13] After going well beyond his suit's limit, he is still able to push beyond and use 63% of his suit's power despite being heavily fatigued.[2]
  • High Release Force: As a vice-captain, Soshiro's released force is extremely high. He is capable of releasing 92% of his combat suit's power,[14] however abusing the suit's power will cause him to overheat.[13]
  • Leadership Skills: As the vice-captain of the Third Division, Soshiro has shown great leadership skills, able to guide a whole platoon and multiple officers on the battlefield during major battles.[15]

Fighting Style[]

Because Soshiro's low released force in shooting weapons, he prefers close-ranged fighting. He uses his own swordsmanship style known as Hoshina Style Sword-Slay Technique ( () (しな) 流刀伐術, Hoshina Ryūtō Ki-jutsu,).[8] His mastery is shown when he brutally slays a kaiju before Kafka's eyes without the latter noticing any movement from him.[11]

  • Number One: Air Slicer (一式: (から) () ち, Isshiki: Kara Uchi,): A clean swing so fast that it gives the victim the idea of being slashed by an invisible sword. This attack is enough to detach a hand from Kaiju No. 8.[12]
  • Number Two: Cross Slasher (2式: 交差討ち, Nishiki: Kōsa Uchi,): A crossed dual attack able to target and penetrate the small gaps on the opponent's body.[9]
  • Number Three: Return Slasher (3式: 返し討ち, Sanshiki: Kaeshi Uchi,): While running, Soshiro throws a twisting crossed attack.[2]
  • Number Four: Wild Slasher (4式: 乱討ち, Shishiki: Ran Uchi,): An attack consisting in multiple sword slashes from various angles.[9]
  • Number Five: Mist Slasher (5式: 靄討ち, Goshiki: Moya Uchi,): This attack is disguised as a dual x-shaped long range attack but is actually made of a third surprise low attack from the side.[12]
  • Number Six: Eightfold Slasher (6式: () () 討ち, Rikushiki: Yae Uchi,): Presumably his strongest attack, usually used as a finisher. An eight-pointed slash attack.[9]


  • Combat Suit: On the battlefield, Soshiro wears a usual combat suit.[5]
  • Respirator mask: Soshiro wears a respirator mask in combat.[5]
  • Dual Swords: Marked SW-2033 and provided by Izumo Tech, Soshiro's personal weapons are a pair of dual swords.[11] Their blades are sharp and durable enough to slice through incredibly tough kaiju like Kaiju No. 8[12] and Kaiju No. 10.[9]


  • The name Soshiro contains the kanji for "religion, sect, denomination, main point, origin, essence" (宗) (so), "four" (四) (shi) and "son" (郎) (ro).
  • Soshiro's last name Hoshina contains the kanji for "protect/protection, maintain, guarantee" (保) (ho) and" family, department, section" (科) (shina).


  • Soshiro likes reading, coffee, Mont Blanc, and simple guys.[1]
  • While designing Soshiro's SW-2033 swords, Matsumoto was undecided between a combat knife or a ninja-like katana.



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